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Personalised Posters

Our posters are printed on a wood-free satin coated paper making them perfect for notice boards, schools and clubs. Design your poster online by adding your own text, background colour and images and create the perfect poster to announce your event. If you have an event or occasion you need to announce then the best way to promote it is with a personalised poster. Create your design online using your own colour scheme, text, font and even upload an image, these top quality posters are the ideal way to get your event date noticed. The indoor posters are perfect for schools and clubs or pubs and restaurants to announce their next events dates. Use on notice boards and in tea rooms and canteens so no-one will miss the next big event. Why not choose to have it laminated.

We supply 3 sizes. Small (42cm x 59cm) Medium (59cm x 84cm) and Large (84cm x 119cm)

Personalised Posters

There are highlights in every person’s life that need to be celebrated. Anniversaries, graduations, promotions, and of course big birthdays. These are all occasions for celebrating and gathering with family and friends to reminisce. So, if you are planning a big party celebration or any kind of grand event, you know how important photographs are. As they help to tell a story of what and who is being celebrated. Photo displays have been a popular party idea for many types of celebrations, but they can take a lot of time to make. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore, Groovy Print can customise it for you. Get a poster online in minutes. This is a great alternative at an affordable price.

• Anniversary - Create a poster with an anniversary theme. Who wouldn't enjoy looking at photos of the celebrated couple?  Especially the wedding photos and even baby photographs. Personalised posters will display the best story of their relationship at the party.

• Birthdays - Showoff photos of the birthday girl or boy by displaying a poster at the entrance so all your family and friends can see. It’s more simple than creating one by hand and the guest of honor can keep it and hang it on their wall.

• Graduation - A party without a poster is not a party. Displaying photographs of the graduate and their favorite moments is key in any graduation party. Customise a poster for that special occasion and include your most favorite and special moments growing up.

• Memorials - A memorial service might be a little different but sharing memories of the deceased is always a cherished and important part of the day. A personalised poster is an easy way to display, share and reminisce with family and friends.

When you want to make the best out of any party, celebration, or major event, Groovy Print knows how to celebrate. Whether it’s a unique holiday banner, announcing a graduation celebration or wedding, we make you look like a professional artist. Design and personalise in minutes and in many ways. Our large collection of posters is designed to be noticed in any party event. You can design and personalise by adding your own text, images, designs, and many color choices. Make the most out of the moment. We also provide over 500 banner designs.


Personalised Indoor Poster, Small (42cm x 59cm)
including VAT

Personalised Indoor Poster, Medium (59cm x 84cm)
including VAT

Personalised Indoor Poster, Large (84cm x 119cm)
including VAT

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